Each participant will receive a scorecard.

  • Before the ride starts each rider will draw a card. That card will be marked on the riders scorecard by a ride volunteer.
  • Additional cards will be drawn at each stop along the route and marked on the scorecard by a ride volunteer. If a repeat card is drawn you will have to draw another card. For example, if you draw a 2 of hearts at one stop and then again at another stop you will be required to redraw.
  • Riders will draw their final card at the end of the ride (riders on the short route will draw 2 cards at the end).
  • Riders will have the opportunity to exchange up to 3 cards for an additional donation to Ada Jenkins of $5 per card.

Score cards will be collected when all riders have returned.
Once riders complete the course, please plan to stay and enjoy food, music and friends while waiting for others to return, for winners to be determined and prizes to be awarded.
Winning hands will be determined by standard 5-card draw poker hand rankings as shown below.

Grand prize winners need not be present and will be contacted soon after the event to be notified of their winnings.

Door prize winners must be present. We typically give away a lot of door prizes and it’s too difficult to mail all these prizes out.

100 miles

Enjoy this scenic century route through Iredell and Rowan counties.

62 miles

A few less miles than our century route without losing the scenery.

34 miles

If you're looking to finish a little earlier this is the route for you.

11 miles

This family friendly route will give less experienced riders or those with time concerns an opportunity to join the fun as well.